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Unser Hauptsitz in Roding

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Expertise. Commitment. Trust.

Your success is our goal. With our expertise, we find practical and creative solutions for even the most complex legal issues and explain them comprehensibly. If necessary, we will fight for your interests with commitment and enthusiasm - we take your case to court, if necessary. We offer professional excellence that you can trust and an exceptional motivation to assist you in reaching your goals.


Frank Heuschmann

Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) Frank Heuschmann has made a name for himself in Bavaria and beyond as a highly experienced advocate. In addition to his approachability, clients appreciate his high level of commitment in asserting their interests. His talent to maintain an overview even in complex disputes and to develop practical solutions is one of the reasons why many of our clients have been relying on his legal advice for decades.

Dr. Florian Sackmann

Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) Dr. Florian Sackmann has proven his professional excellence through two outstanding grades (among the best graduates in Bavaria) in what is considered to be among the toughest law exam in the world. His clients appreciate his quick understanding, his well-considered solutions for complex legal questions and his great negotiating skills. In academic circles he is well-known as an author in a leading textbook on data privacy law as well as in a prominent GDPR commentary and numerous further publications.


External legal department

We support companies of all sizes with or without an own legal department by providing reliable legal advice. Through our network of partners, we are able to cover the full scope of commercial law. Our clients therefore receive comprehensive advice from a single point of contact. Especially medium-sized companies appreciate our professional service.

Labour law

We advise both employers and employees on issues such as dismissal, works councils and the drafting of employment contracts.

Construction law

We provide comprehensive advice on all legal issues in connection with the construction of real estate. We represent large construction companies as well as private clients.

Inheritance law and company succession

Whether it's the design of suitable succession planning arrangements or disputes following an inheritance - we are committed to support you. Together with our cooperation partners, we can also handle complex tax law issues in connection with corporate succession from a single source.

Data Privacy Law

In data privacy law, we follow a boutique concept: Our outstanding in-depth knowledge of this area of law covers all problems that arise from the processing of personal data - especially in an international environment. We are pleased to advise you on all matters of data privacy law, for example in defending against claims for damages or in fine proceedings, but also on all matters of data privacy compliance in your company. All of that at the highest possible level of professionalism and expertise.

Debt collection

We offer you professional assistance in the recovery of debts and, with our experience, ensure that your receivables decrease noticeably. Companies in particular appreciate our services for relieving their own accounting department with our abilities and commitment.

Insurance law

We have extensive expertise in asserting insurance claims following (major) losses.

Accident regulation and traffic law

We have extensive know-how and many years of experience in the professional and rapid handling of traffic accident claims, in particular as a service for company fleets and garages. Please send us a filled-out version of our accident questionnaire or contact us.

Contract and tort law

We enforce your rights in civil disputes. We have extensive litigation experience and are also prepared to draft complex contracts.